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In the play ‘Julius Caesar,’ the leader of Rome is murdered, which leads to a war. The man murdered is Julius Caesar. Even though Caesar is killed half way into the play, he plays a huge roll during his time alive and is the topic of conversation after his death. His ghosts even returns later in Act4, Scene .

At the start of the play, all of Rome was happy with their great leader, Caesar. Rome had a holiday and all the citizens were happy. ‘We make holiday to see Caesar and to rejoice in his triumph,’ said a happy Roman on his holiday (Act1 Sci 1 L ).

Soon later Brutus came into the play and hit center stage. He was the focus. But, all the time that he was the focus, and when he was talking to others, it was always about Caesar and what they were going to do with him. When Cassius was trying to persuade Brutus, the crowd was making large noises from inside the arena. All Brutus could think about when he hears this is if Caesar has been crowned king. He said ‘I do fear the people choose Caesar as their king’ (Act 1 Sci L 7). At this stage, you would believe that the correct name has been chosen for this play.

All through the play, up to Act , Scene 1, all the talk is about killing Caesar. Then Caesar is murdered. Here Caesar puts the attention on Brutus, in the last words before his death. ‘Et tu, Brute,’ Caesar said, putting the spotlight on Brutus (Act Sci 1 L 78). Caesar was astonished to see that one of his greatest friends was involved in a plot against him.

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Brutus then takes center stage. He takes total control of the situation. He tries to get all the Roman citizens on his side; he even demands attention to himself. He says ‘Follow me and give me audience’ (Act Sci L ). But he is only the focal point for a short while, until Antony takes over.

Antony brings out the body of Caesar and asks for their attention himself. ‘Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears,’ he says (Act Sci L 7). He gets the crowd all exited and on his side, with a little help from the body and the will of Caesar.

After that moment, Brutus and Antony play ver prominent and important rolls in the play. But, by all means this does not mean the play is about them. Even though Caesar does not play a huge roll after his death, the play is based around him. The play is about Caesar’s death, and the reactions and happenings as a result of his death. The play is not based on anyone else, therefor, the name of the play, ‘Julius Caesar,’ is the correct name for the play.

Julius Caesar

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