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Years In Milan

Leonardo left Florence in about 148. We don’t know exactly why he left; perhaps he was attracted to the atmosphere of the court of the Duke of Sforza, with its many Doctors, scientists’ engineers and mathematicians. There were other reasons for leaving Florence, too. There was a very high tax rate, strong competition, and threat of war and plague. Leonardo entered into the service of the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. He was accepted after having written an amazing letter to the Duke, claiming he could build portable bridges, knew the techniques of constructing bombardments and of making cannons, and that he could also build cannons, ships and armoured cars. These were not just exaggerated claims, aimed to get a job for himself, as you may think. Leonardo’s note books were full of such things, many of which were flights of fancy, but never the less show him to be a man of great intellect and imagination as well as being ahead of his time. Some of his drawings and designs are showed over the page. His only reference to his great skill at painting was that could “paint and sculpt as well as any other man”.

Leonardo served the Duke happily for 17 years. He had a number of jobs at court, as a military engineer and sculptor. During this time in Milan he built canals, and also planned an extensive irrigation system for the castle. Ludovico wanted Leonardo to make a sculpture of his father; Francesco Sforza mounted on a horse. The statue was to be in bronze and 8 meters high. Sadly French invaders captured Milan before the cast was ready, in 1500 and the model was destroyed.

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