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Today¡¯s biological engineering and medical technology have made several impacts on people¡¯s lives. The technology of cloning animals has become more and more mature, and the moral and ethic topics come down to and controversially debated is whether cloning humans is ethically right. As history shown, many wars have been fought between people with different religions, of different races and skin colors and beliefs. If cloning humans were created, would they be treated as normal human beings and given the same rights or would they be treated as scientific experiments and military tools? Long time ago, I saw a movie called ¡°Ghost in a shell¡±. It describes, in the near future, artificial humans are created and they are much more stronger, faster and smarter than normal human beings since their bodies were implanted with high quality mechanical materials and their brains are half made up of computer chips which connect to a virtual vast database, the net. In the movie, some of those artificial humans are used as polices to chase criminals and some are used as experiments. They have equivalent rights as humans such as the right to get married and lived together, but they are still largely controlled by humans. However, since they are so superior, some of them begin and try to take control of the human world and the movie ends with a temporary defeat of the artificial humans ¨C the master mind still remains alive and a mystery. The purpose of this movie is to tell people the bodies are just tools for the livings and what make the real identities of humans or even creatures are their souls, thus the movie titled ¡°Ghost in a shell¡±. Take a step further, will there be any differences between say, human vs. human and human vs. aliens, or in this case, human vs. artificial humans? I doubt it. Every creature ¡°with a soul¡± tries to take the advantages for its race, community, family or itself, and the consequences, no matter good or bad, are what come back inevitably for the creature to endure. When the times come, do humans really have the powers to control their own fates or even those of the others? In other words, delays of a process can not stop its grow. I¡¯d say what comes around goes around. The technology of cloning should be used and developed. It doesn¡¯t matter whether a superior human form is developed or the existing human form is enhanced. ¡°Survive the fittest¡± ¨C it is all part of growing and evolution process.

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