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Starting now, lets decide that a trip to the store has just as much potential as a trip to the islands. Lets decide that every mile on the odometer could be the start of a new adventure. Make memories. Keep amplifying your life. Create stories to tell your kids one day. Have fun out there. After all, this is the new 00 Saturn ION series!!

It all starts with a simple decision, a decision about which ION is right for you. Is it the sedan or the quad coupe? The streamlined ION1, the nicely equipped ION, or the extra deluxe ION?Smarter choices. One sign that youre all grown up is when you start making smarter choices. Like looking beyond the ION1s sporty looks and funky personal accents and making your decision based on its amazingly low M.S.R.P. of 11,5, or making sure to buy a car with plenty of room for 5 passengers because you can never have to many friends. All are signs leading to a smarter path. The ION1 also offers dual stage driver and front passenger air bags. This feature not only provides maximum protection from collisions but also from the force oft he air bag itself. It senses the severity of the crash and deploys the air bags at the appropriate force, reducing risk of injury resulting from the air bag. Easy to own. You wont need to buy a car maintainence for dummies book for this car. Save that money for, well, something else that youre not so good at. Among other things, the computer calculates when the oil should be changed, and you can see through the fluid containers so even you know when they need more. Personal accents. Just as your life can change in little interesting ways so can the ION1. Choose different trim pieces to create the look you want for the roof rail, instruments, and gearshift trim, ECT. Trunk Volume. Youre not the only one going places; your stuff may need room too. 14.7 cubic feet, the largest trunk in its class. And finally, Polymer panels. These flexible panels ward off nicks and dings. They dont rust or corrode, and they keep the car looking newer longer, which youll be thankful for come resale time.

More confidence. Youve got enough sense to play it cool on the road. Unfortunately, you seem to be part of a rare breed. All the more reason to drive with added confidence of a steel space frame construction; just one of many safety and performance features that come standard with the ION. The ION is like an adult who, every once and awhile, lets the kid out. Much like you Shawntra. To see what I mean, listen up. Quiet, smooth ride. The thick windshield, solid space frame, electric power steering, front and rear stabilizing bars, hydraulic engine mounts and other features makes for a quiet and smooth ride. Available 5 speed automatic transmission, providing an efficient use of the engines power. Youll notice the smooth acceleration as when passing through traffic. The ION offers what I like to call a center mounted instrument cluster. Simply meaning that all the instruments are found in the dashboard, so eyes naturally glance at them when looking at the horizon. One less reason to look down.

Safety is job 1 for Saturn. Two features that highlight this point are; first, a rigid steel space frame, which provides exceptional crash protection, for those exceptional crash experts, like myself. And second, the many-times mentioned dual-stage airbags, which minimize the risk of injury from the force of the air bag. The ION includes standard features that you expect and some that will raise your eyebrow. Power door locks with an anti-lockout feature. Air conditioning with dust and pollen filters. AM/FM/CD player with four range speakers.

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Finally, get better, not older. Why settle down when you can settle up? You paid your dues through school, and entry-level jobs. Its time that you got everything you paid for. Like power windows, door locks, and mirrors, remote keyless entry with alarm, foglamps, cruise control, air conditioning, 16 alloy wheels, and Saturns Advanced Audio System. In short, demand the ION. A car so packed with deluxe features, you wont believe it has an M.S.R.P. starting out at only 15,575. Available in the ION is a 6 disc in dash CD player with advanced audio system. The ION is a quiet ride until of course, you opt otherwise. It comes with a 160-watt amplifier and six premium speakers. What other car offers options such as steel space frame construction with head curtain side air bags? The rigid steel space frame provides superior crash protection while the head curtain side air bags protect the head and neck from side-impact collisions. They inflate in 1/0th of a second, and drop down like curtains. Leather Appointments are also available. A luxurious option with a practical touch. Practical meaning easy clean up for juice and coffee spills.

No matter which ION you choose from, you truly cannot go wrong. Every ION is outfitted a . liter, 140 horsepower, 16 valve, 4 cylinder engine. Youll be hard pressed to find this much power in other cars of this class. But it doesnt stop at power. Features like four valves per cylinder and twin balance shifts make for a smooth and quiet ride. Other features include electric power steering, dual power outlets, and a turn signal left on reminder- thoughtfully designed to prevent the embarrassment of blinking down your way down 50 miles of highway.

The ION is not just a car it’s a means of escape. Let’s talk for a moment about the unbridled joy that comes with having your own ION, the sheer freedom of it. A single set of keys can take you from wherever you are, to places you have never been. And because the ION is generous on space, you can always bring a couple of friends along for the ride. Built to be roomy, powerful, and easy to maintain, the ION is the key to an ever-expanding collection of good driving memories. It’s engine is designed to be quite enough to allow all those life-changing conversations the road seems to inspire, but if you listen closely, daddy, if you listen closely, you can hear it say, Go Shortie, its your birthday. Remember follow the map only to the degree that you feel like it. CarMax, check it. Spontaneity taps you on the shoulder and announces, its time to go. Call you homeboys and promise mad fun for their mental boxes. Jump in the car, find the nearest on ramp, and put some miles between you and your front door. Arrive at the basketball court, shoot some hoops. Flirt with every lil’ shortie that walks by. Head to Bennigans for food and a late night drink, but before heading home send a postcard from you to you. Corny? Maybe not. Think of it as inspiration for grayer days. Want a Saturn ION yet?

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