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Appearance Vs. Reality

Life can be very demanding, especially as a teenager. In society today, it can be very overwhelming and challenging to live as a teenager. It is hard to determine right from wrong, good from bad, appearance from reality. On a daily basis, I am forced to make dicisions in my life that can often lead into big problems. Everyday people have trouble distinguishng the difference between reality and what seems to be real. Often the contrast can blow a minor conflict into a larger problem. In the play Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare, the contrast between appearance and reality turned small problems into large problems similar to the way I sturggle in my everyday life.

In Hamlet, Claudius killed the king so he could become the ruler of Denmark. When Hamlet found out about his father’s death, and his mother’s incestuous new love he should have killed Claudius then. If he would have known the difference in what seemed right and what the ghost told him, the tragic events in Act 5 may have never occurred. In Act 5, Scene , Hamlet was putting on a mask. “Give me your pardon, sir. I have done you wrong. But pardon it as you are a gentleman. His madness is poor Hamlet’s enemy.” In this quote Hamlet is speaking to Claudius about the death of Ophelia. He is putting on a mask when he is mad. It is hard to differentiate Hamlet’s feelings when he is upset or when he is bottling up his emotions.

Throughout the play, Hamlet put his emotions on the back burner. In Scene of Act 1, Hamlet recited, “O, that this too, too-solid flesh would melt thaw, and resolve itself into a dew...

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but break my heart, for I must hold my tongue.” In this quote Hamlet had the chance to kill Claudius; however, Claudius was praying and Hamlet seemed to think that was the wrong way to kill a man. If Hamlet was thinking straight and saw the reality of the situation rather than being stuck on what seemed right, some of the characters would have survived at the end of the play.

In today’s society many people get caught up in what they think is right, or wrong for that matter. The terrorist attacks on September 11th 001 were a great awakening to the American people. No one thought these men were dangerous before they boarded the airplanes. In fact, they appeared to be normal but the reality was that they were about to kill a ton of people as they crashed into the World Trade Center.

While not as serious as the deaths in Hamlet or the terrorist attacks on September 11th. Family situations often portray the conflict between appearance and reality. A family can look perfectly happy on the outside, but the reality is that the father beats the children, the mom doesn’t have a job and the children do drugs. It just goes to show that appearance has no grasp on the reality of life.

From the tragic deaths in Hamlet to the September 11th attacks the difference between appearance and reality is unchangeable. Many people can get caught in believing that what appears to be right really is right. In society today, it is very difficult to draw a line where reality crosses the path with appearance.

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