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What words and feelings are thought of when someone thinks about destruction? There can be many words describing this word, there can be loads of death, separations of family, piles of rubbled buildings and houses, and dangerous diseases spreading everywhere. The most destructive device in the worlds history causing mass devastation, is the Atom Bomb.

The atom bomb is an explosive bomb of great power using nuclear energy to get its destructive power. The rapid release of energy comes from the fission of the atom nuclei, which gives the bomb the explosion. The atom bomb has many names such as, A-bomb, atomic bomb, and fission bomb. There are many sizes of the atom bomb. There is the large atom bomb that is used to cause huge amounts of destruction to an area and there is the small atom bomb that is used to cause general amounts of damage to an area. The atom bomb is obviously used to cause devastation to an area, more likely in a war such as the World War II. The atom bomb is carried by a large bomber airplane and then dropped.

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There are many effects of the atom bomb. One main effect is probably numerous deaths from the atom bomb. It can turn a living city into a dead city. The ground beneath an explosion center can reach up to 7,000 degrees F (A-Bomb WWW Museum) After the atom bomb has been dropped and has exploded, there is one thing that is left from the bomb, which is radiation. Deadly energy rays (radiation) called neutron and gamma rays that are strong enough to reach the ground can be produced from the explosion of an atom bomb. (A-Bomb WWW Museum). The radiation that is produced from the explosion depends on the burst of the atom bomb and the weather conditions around the area. If you want to produce large amounts of radiation, the explosion would have to be at a higher altitude and there would have to be strong winds around the area, so they will be able to spread the radiation around the area produced from the atom bomb(Ebersole). Winds five times stronger than strong hurricanes can be generated at about 1000 mph from one single explosion (A-Bomb WWW Museum). An explosion from an atom bomb can produce an amount of energy equivalent to about 15 kilotons or 100 tons of TNT (A-Bomb WWW Museum). It is also possible to see an atom bomb explosion from outer space, because the explosion would puncture through the clouds (Ebersole).

The ingredients of an atom bomb is basically plutonium. It is produced in large quantities from uranium reactors, but it cannot be found it nature (Ebersole). Only a couple pounds of plutonium can produce an atom bomb, but to produce a stronger and powerful atom bomb, it would need about 10-0 pounds of plutonium to cause massive damage (Ebersole). Plutonium is a metal that is one and a half times as heavy as lead and it is a silverish color. Plutonium is a very radioactive material and is extremely toxic when in the lungs and can cause quick deaths. It can enter the lungs when plutonium is in its yellow rust form. Radiation from plutonium that is in the lungs can also cause tumors.

The research of the atom bomb began in the UK in the 140s and was transferred to the US after its entry into World War II (Websters N.V. Encyclopedia). The atom bomb was completely developed in the US in the 140s. The ending of War World II was the dropping of the atom bomb on Nagasaki, Japan and Hiroshima, Japan. The two atom bombs that were dropped on Japan were equal to 00,000 tons of TNT (Hot Spot). The atom bomb killed nearly 75,000 people in Japan and many other deaths occurred from the radiation from the explosion (Hot Spots). The atom bomb that was used in Japan were about 10-0 feet in length (Ebersole).

The atom bomb has saved the US in the war. Without the atom bomb, everything would be different right now. We could still be having wars with Japan, but the atom bomb has made possible of ending the war. Today, atom bombs are still being produced and being kept safe. There are also new weapons that have been developed with new technology, but the atom bomb would still be one of the greatest weapon ever developed in world history.


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