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Is the Best Family the Typical American Family? Do we live in a world with no problems? Everyone’s attitude and the way they live life and treat others originates from the way they were brought up. Some people had both parents, some lived in a single parent families, and there were unfortunate peoples.

The oldest of all the societies and natural is the family. Again the kids never stay dependant of their parents as long as they need them to conserve themselves. The kids give respect that they should to their parent and their parents give them back the needs that they should. If we continue to stay join, it is not naturally anymore, it is voluntary, and the family itself never be a family without a convention. So the family is the first model of political societies. The president is image of the father and the nation is the image of the kids; and each been born equal and free. The only difference is that in the family, the father’s love for his kids pay the needs which he gives to them, and in one country, the pleasure to order as the love the president does not have for his nation.

Born and raised in West Africa in a big family of seven children, I realized as I grown up that anybody living in the same house is consider as a member of the family. In my families there were some rules made by my parents that were to consider our maids, cousins, friends, and others parents as brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles. These rules were anywhere you go in my country. To my parents, recognizing someone as your family member was something really everyone cannot effort. I thank god for giving me a family that every person wish to have. There was a time in my family when my Dad lost his job and his businesses were not going well, so my mother has to take over the family financially. My mom was paying for everything (foods, clothes, gas for car), anything that was our necessities. She never gives up on our Dad, or us even though our daddy was the one who supposed to take care of the family. I bring this issue concerning my family because our author said “what happen when a woman can make her own living, passing on property, skills and status? Shouldn’t, then, a mother be able to assign another woman as her child’s sociological “father”?”(E.J Graff 7). I believe in her statement, I agree that a mother be able to assign another woman as her child’s sociological “father” basing on what my mom were doing while my Dad were lay off; she showed that women are also capable to play men’s role in our society. If that were some other family the parents might end up divorcing. But my parents were not worrying about a thing. All they wanted were we to have good education, respect others parents as we respect them. My parents really showed us how to family is made up of. They always wanted us to take care of each other, always be there when needing. I can tell, we their kids have done that. My brother, now who got a good paying job is taking care of us even though my Dad got his own business. My brother is really showing me how much he loves us, which the family is made up of.

As I remember, one day I was have a big discussion with my brother, and at the end of the discussion, he told me one thing that I will never forget about. He told me how much he loves me, my sisters, my brother and my parents; and he is willing to die anywhere we die. My brother is really showing a good example of family. I want to be like my brother, be there for my family when or wherever needing or not. I really want to give something to my wife and kids, something that my family gave to me, which is love and caring for each other. As E.J Graff said in our text, “not love, not biology, but labor made a family”(8). She used this statement to approach the conflict of parenting, no matter being an adoptive or biological parents, the most important is the family is made of a society not with two or dozen people but with people whose care about you, listen and believe in you. Another conflict in family issue is the word “Work”. As I know in most parts in the world, the man has to work and the woman has to stay home, take care of the kid, which is the case in my country. But this issue was some way contradictory in United States. Most of the married couple in United States believes that a marriage should be fifty fifty; which mean if the husband is working and take care of the family, the wife should too. As our author Danielle Crittenden said “very few women would be willing to return to marriages in which the wives confines themselves largely to home and family while their husbands go to work”(6). I think her comment is really very important because the cause of the higher divorce rate in United States is because most of the couples don’t practice this technique. If the wives were to stay home and confine themselves to family and the husbands go to work; believe me we will not even discuss the divorce rate in United States. Sometimes parents’ divorce plays a big role in a child life, some children even commit suicide because they cannot live with. Us, the children always think we had some to do with our parents divorce. When some parents end up divorcing, the custody of the child really becomes a big issue, and the child will be stuck in middle wishing his/her parents getting back together. Every kid wish is to grow up with both of his/her parents.

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For a lot of us family is very important. They give us a sense of security, love and understanding. We are always consoled and accepted by them for who we are. They are the ones who have raised us, the ones who have taught us right from wrong, and they are the reason we believe in what we believe in.

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