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this is noGetting to know you

1. I am just starting my first semester as a freshman at red rocks.

. I have not completed any courses at red rocks.

. Besides your course I am taking pre algebra, intro to philosophy, and the writing class you need before you can take college English.

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4. My goals for this class are to learn what I need to know about reading in college so it can help me in the future.

5. I spend 0-0 hours a week reading for pleasure.

6. I haven’t started reading for school yet but when I do I plan on spending more time on school reading than for pleasure.

7. What I like best about reading is that you get all sides to a story. In a movie you can not use your imagination about what the characters look like, and you can not hear what they are thinking either. Reading is just so much more fun and challenging than watching movies!

8. What I like least about reading is that sometimes it makes me tired and I read the words but I do not comprehend what I am reading.

. I have been diagnosed with ADD and I sometimes take medication but I do have a hard time reading fast and comprehending. I have always had trouble in English, especially writing.

t the worlds greatest essayFor education they go to a stunt school to learn how to perform the tricks right so no one gets hurt.

What I don’t know

• What’s being process in their minds as they perform these acts?

• How much do they get paid; does it range from stunt to stunt?

• How old is too old to perform in stunts?

• Are there more men or women in that line of work?

Why I’m writing this paper?

I’m writing this paper about stuntmen because I would like to learn about their lifestyle and some of the risk they take. But basically I want to know what it takes to become a stuntman living on the edge and getting paid for it. I want to know all the extra steps they take in being prepared in a stunt, how to start a career, the advantages/ disadvantages and what the working conditions are like.

The Search

It was necessary for me to determine who I was going to interview on my topic before I could start my paper. I interviewed K.C. Peterson a legendary stuntman who led a very exciting and interesting lifestyle. We talked about all the aspics involved in being a stuntman. He said “The biggest problem with being a stuntman is that the work is not always there.” Basically he went on to say if you don’t have any connections in Hollywood it’s going to be pretty hard to get a job. The salaries can range as low as $5,000 to $70,000 dollars and more per year. I went on from there to talk about the working conditions and who usually joins in these kinds of working conditions. He said “The working conditions are anywhere and wherever the movie industry is shooting the film. You may have to work from 4am to 10pm and then get up at four the next morning. They work in all types of weather but mostly it’s done outdoors. There are more men than women in this business.”

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