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SOMETHING utterly disturbing happened to me a few moments ago. I was sitting here, on my couch. I was minding my own business. Not bothering anyone. Enjoying a tub of ice cream. Not asking for trouble. Suddenly...without warning...

Perhaps a short bit of background might be helpful. In the United States of America, where I currently reside, they have a cable TV network called THE SCI FI CHANNEL. This channel caters to the Science Fiction BUFFS. Programming such as STAR TREK and STARGATE (the series) are scheduled daily and broadcast across the nation. Apparently the cable channel has been around quite some time, as they have their own series. They also broadcast Science Fiction films. Enough BACKGROUND!

I had the channel switched on to watch a TWILIGHT ZONE (original series, NOT the new series) episode. Typically this is the only reason I would watch this channel in the first place. The Twilight Zone is not always of a Science Fiction nature, however, I feel its an appropriate place for such programming. I popped to the kitchen for a pint (Beamish) and heard an advert for tonights SCI FI CHANNEL movie.

Starring Rosie ODonnel and John Goodman. THE FLINTSTONES?

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Excuse me, but...HUH?

I dont know why this disturbs me. I suppose the FLINTSTONES simply never seemed to fit in the SCIENCE FICTION genre in my eyes. Granted I have not (and will not ever) seen this film. Perhaps theres something I dont know, like Bedrock is actually on another planet? I never came to this conclusion in the cartoon.

I must stop thinking about this or Ill give myself a spontaneous lobotomy.

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