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There is a lot of concern about the increasing use of “street” drugs and their possible physical and psychological effects. At the same time, the use of illegal drugs has become a major problem in today’s society. New research indicates that half of high school students will experiment with illegal drugs before graduation. There are many reasons people use illegal drugs. The most common reasons for drug use are peer pressure, availability, and curiosity.

One cause of drug use is peer pressure. There are very few people who will meet somebody who has not experimented with street drugs. Evidence shows that peer pressure is the biggest reason for drug use. It is very tempting for people to try drugs when their trustworthy friends offer them. Teenagers find it much easier to go with the crowd than to say no. Young adults feel that if they say no, their friends might not think they are cool, or they could make fun of them.

Another cause is the availability of drugs. It is believed that narcotics used to only be a problem in major cities, but many decades ago the problem moved to almost every town in America. Ecstasy (XTC) and crystal methampehtamines are two examples of very dangerous drugs. These narcotics can easily be made at home using harmful household ingredients such as cold pills, brake fluid, lithium, and ammonia. It seems likely that less opportunity for peer pressure would arise if these drugs were not so readily available to people of any age.

The third major cause is curiosity. Many people wonder what it would feel like to get high. After seeing drugs being used by their friends, the curiosity grows and they give it a try. For example, after being at many parties where marijuana is being used by his friends, John decides he is going to try it. He likes the feeling it gives him so he smokes marijuana at every party. With time he becomes bored with marijuana and decides to try cocaine with one of his friends and becomes an addict. This is a problem because the majority of users become addicted to many narcotics the first time they use them. Many people’s curiosity leads to experimentation with different kinds of drugs because they are bored with the drug they have been using.

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In conclusion, billions of dollars are spent each year on lowering the availability of these drugs but the problem goes beyond the people who make and distribute them. Peer pressure and curiosity are major factors especially among teens. Better education about peer influence and the effects of these drugs will help people abstain. Drug addiction can lead to serious physical, mental, and financial problems. Almost everybody will run into drug use sometime in their lives. People need to learn that it is their decision whether or not to use drugs, not their friends’. They also need to understand that frequent use of illegal drugs could change their lives forever.

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