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While the boys are sneaking away, Huck trips over a root and makes noise when he falls. Miss Watsons slave Jim hears the sound and comes outside to look around. Jim sits down right between where Huck and Tom are hiding and decides to wait until he catches them. However, he soon gets tired and falls asleep against a tree.

Tom then wants to play a trick on Jim. He and Huck climb into the house and steal three candles, for which they leaves a nickel as pay. Then Tom quietly makes his way to Jim, takes off Jims hat, and places it on a tree branch above Jims head. He soon returns and tells Huck what he did.

After Jim woke up he thought he had been bewitched, and he always kept the nickel as a token around his neck after that. According to Huck, Jim used to tell all the other slaves that he had been ridden around the world by some witches, and that the nickel was given to him as a token by the devil.

Tom and Huck sneak down to the river and meet some of the other boys who are supposed to be members of Toms robber band. Together they steal a skiff and float down the river several miles to a spot with a cave. Tom shows the boys a hidden room in the cave which they make their robber headquarters.

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Tom then reads them an oath that he has written, taken mostly from robber books and pirate stories. The boys argue over what Huck Finns role in the gang will be, because Huck does not have a family for them to kill in case he reveals any of the gangs secrets. Huck finally offers them Miss Watson in place of his real parents, and the boys then sign an oath in blood to join the band. Tom is elected the captain.

Tom explains that as robbers, they will only attack carriages and take the stuff inside. The men will be killed and the women will be brought back to the cave. He also mentions that they will ransom some of the people, because that is what they do in books, although he has no idea what ransom means. After that, all the boys agree to meet again soon. They return home exhausted and Huck climbs into bed having muddied up his new clothes, and feeling dead tired

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