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Love and hate exist in many different areas in life. It exists in marriage, the bond between a man and a woman, that is recognized by some type of religion. There also is a love and hate within the religious community, with humans and their greater God. The love and hate that refer to a marriage is the actual feelings that they have for their spouse, whereas the love and hate in religion is a metaphor. . In Robert Frosts’ nine line poem, ‘Fire and Ice’, he speaks about the world ending in fire and ice. The initial thought of fire and ice was the passion and desire that two people have for and each other and the ice referring to the bitter and hate filled ending of a relationship. But Frost begins the poem with “Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice,” I believe he is using the fire and ice as a metaphor to the end of the world as the Bible tells it. In the Old Testament, God sees that the people whom he had created were disobeying his law and to punish them, he would flood the world. God told Noah of the fate of the people and gave him instructions on assembling a male and female of each animal species and build a boat. It rained for forty days and forty nights, the rain and flooding water being a metaphor to ice. In the book of Revelations, God said that if people continued to sin and worship false gods, he would come again and end the world in fire. This completes the religious metaphor with the ice being in the form of rain and Gods threat to end the world in fire. In lines three and four when he says “From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire”, I think when Frost says desire, he speaks of the actions that go against Gods law; actions that would bring the fire because in the next line he says “...if it had to perish...”(Frost 1110). Perish relates to death and is used in a negative way. I also think Frost is presenting a question to his audience at this time. I seems as if he is asking if one would rather pass on by the fires of heaven, or the ice that he punished earlier sinners with. Fire and ice are negative components in this poem, both being directly caused by sins and disobedience, and both are the way in which people will parish

as a result of their actions. In line six, Frost brings up hate. Hate is destructive as well as very negative and can not be brought to a positive light. At this point in the poem, I think the fire and ice takes on a new meaning. Both fire and water, which I see as ice, can not be present at the same time. They exists on opposite ends of the spectrum., but yet both symbolize destruction and negative actions. “To say that for destruction ice is also great, And would suffice”, this is where I feel Frost uses fire and ice to symbolize desire and hate. Desire can be the lust, greed, or the drive to obtain excess material possessions for a persons own gratification. Ice represents the hate and the turmoil that exists between to sides that lead to fatal confrontations. When he says “...Is also great and would suffice”, he refers to the world ending in ice instead of fire and the fact that he would accept that also. Either way, if the world ends in fire or if it ends in ice, the outcome of the people is still the same; death. The concept of the poem seems very easy to understand, but as you look deeper into the metaphors, different meaning come out of it. The religious aspect jumped out at me, instantly relating me to the Catholic faith and the Bible. Love and hate exist everywhere, in national affairs, marriages, and communities, and religion exists in each of those matters as well. I believe that many of they decisions that are made are based on ones religious faith. If something goes against the faith in which you believe, then a person will look for an alternate route to solve the problem. As for the fire and ice metaphor, I hope that through faith the world does not end through either way, that peace will reign and the injustices that go on will be limited.

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