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Through the help of spiritual and religious “mentors” such as his father, mother, Moshe the Beadle, and the Pole, main character Eliezer in Night by Elie Wiesel has a strong change in his faith in God. Eliezer struggles to find reasons to appreciate God’s existence when he has sent him, his family, and his friends through the entire process of this terrible period of time, known as the Holocaust.

First of all, in the very beginning of his journey before deportation, his father and the rest of his family assure Eliezer that if he keeps faith in God and prays to the Lord, then everything will eventually be okay. When the family is settled in their tiny ghetto, their mother keeps repeating “we must keep going, we must keep going” (16). People are optimistically saying things like “perhaps we are being deported for our own good” (16). These speeches helped pass the time and made Eliezer believe that they may have a chance of survival. Moshe the Beadle convinces everybody that if they remain faithful, they will eventually pull through.

Soon after entering the harsh conditions of the concentration camps, Eliezer’s faith in God slowly diminishes. His father reminds him to repeat the Kaddish, “May His Name be blessed and magnified, “ (5) but for the first time, Eliezer feels like he shouldn’t bless His [God’s] Name. He has nothing to thank God for because he has not done anything to stop this torture of innocent Jews. Eliezer does, however, “thank God you’re [friends and acquaintances] still alive!” (6) when he meets up with old friends again. When the guards begin to strip people of their new shoes, he also thanks God for “having created mud in His infinite universe” (8). That mud disguised his new shoes as being old and dirty, and allowed him to keep one of his last items of identity. Eliezer then meets the Pole, who advises prisoners to become friends with each other. All they need to do is have faith, and “you will keep death away from yourselves” (1).

Nearing the end of his journey, Eliezer prays to God to never let him leave his father the way Rabbi Eliahou’s son did. He prays to help his father every step of the journey. When his father dies, Eliezer thanks God for setting him “free” of the burden from caring for his father.

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When his journey comes to its end, Eliezer has lost almost all faith in God for letting all of the terrible things happen to these innocent people. Despite the many spiritual “mentors” he has met along the way that tried to restore his faith in the Lord, Eliezer will never forgive Him for all of the cruel misery he has caused the Jewish community to endure.

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