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I like music, because it is fun to listen to

Music helps more and more peole come together.

Music is why we are like we are today

based on our personalitys.i like to listen to anything from

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Punk to Pop to Rock and Pop

Britney Spears.and Eminem and Korn

and Adema and Slipknotto blink 18 and umm that other music

and all them bands are really really goood.

I like to listen to MEXICAN music based on my nationality.

most people in america listen to Pop and Country due to the fact they are the country

folks here,

marilyn manson and system of a down

and mary poppins

jungle book are my really favorite movies

i need to make this believe able so i am in a hurry to write cause i reall really need this essay!!!!

Oh and i like Adrian.why do i like adrian well he is a very swell guy u know..and umm he isnice.

I am in band i play the clarinet its a boring instrument.

and i am reading a book called Night in my English class

man i tell you that book is awesome!!!

Well i will tell you i hope that you like this quick little essay about me...its all about me

i dont know if you will or not but maybe you will!



this is boring and my hand cant type much faster.

Okay i have tried times to see if you will except my paper and it didnt work maybe this time it will!!


WELL look at that i tried 4 TIMES and still not working dang!

im getting mad now i think my hands are too

my mom is sick and so is my sister i hope i dont get sick i cant get sick its bad for you

well i want to listen to some music i like music which brings us back on the subject of my essay t hingy


Man, well what about you? do you like Britney spears?

think she is prettty?


no? why not?

oh really kool!

ya i hope this works

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