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hate is baggage, lifes too short to be pissed off all the time, its just not worth it. (American History X)

you shoot me in a dream you better wake up and appologize. (reservior dogs)

losing family obliges us to find our family. not always the family that is our blood, but the family that can become our blood. and should we have the wisdom to open our door to this new family we will find that the wishes that we have for the father that once guided us, for the brother who once inspired us... the only thing left to say will be i wish i had seen this, or i wish i had done that, or i wish... (Finding Forester)

It is not where a man stands in times of comfort and stability, but where he stands in times of hardship and tragedy.

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Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.

- Albert Einstein

If a man hasnt discovered something that he will die for, he isnt fit to live.

- Roosevelt

shepards we shall be,

for thee my lord for thee,

power hath decended forth from thy hand,

that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command,

so we shall flow a river forth to thee,

and teaming with souls shall it ever be,

et nomine patrie et felie,

spirit asante(boondock saints)

and i shall count thee amoung my favored sheep,

and you shall have the protection of all the angels in heaven (boondock saints)

you people have been chosen,

to reveal our existence to the world,

you will witness what happens here today,

and you will tell of it later...

now your way will save us,

we do not ask for your poor or your hungry,

we do not want your tired and sick,

it is your corrupt we claim,

it is your evil that will be saught by us,

with every breath we shall hunt them down,

each day we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skys,

do not kill, do not rape, do not steal,

these are principals which every man of every faith can embrace,

these are not polite suggestions,

these are codes of behavior,

and those you who ignore them will pay the dearest cost,

there are varying degrees of evil,

we are due less of at arms of filth,

not to push the bounds and cross over,

into true corruption, into our domain,

for if you do, one day you will look behind you,

and you will see we three,

and on that day you will reap it,

and we will send you to whatever god you wish...(boondock saints)

when i whisk my flashing sword,

and my hand takes hold in judgement,

i will take vengance upon mine enemies,

and i will repay those who haze me,

oh lord, raise me to thy right hand,

and count me amoung thy saints. (boondock saints)

who soever shed mans blood,

by man shall his blood be shed,

for in the image of god, may deem man,

destroy that which is evil,

so that which is good may flourish. (boondock saints)

never shall innocent blood be shed,

yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river,

the three shall spread their flockened wings,

and be the vengeful striking hammer of god. (boondock saints)

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