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Which it is better, motorcycles or vehicles? This is one of the most polemics topics. Motorcycles and cars are transportation methods that help people to mobilize faster between two points. However, there are many differences and similarities about which it is better.

First, motorcycle is the most dangerous transportation vehicle. Some people likes motorcycles because they use smaller parking spaces, are more economic (gas), the insurance is cheaper and it is faster and smaller than cars. There are many people who like riding motorcycles because they feel free and can feel the breeze and enjoy the weather in summer time. However, motorcycles are the most dangerous transportation vehicle because of their two wheels and not so many protection methods. The statistics show us that there are more accidents which involve motorcycles than cars because of young people. Young men have much more accidents with anything than other people. The traffic laws are trying to diminish the risk by means of the use of helmets, gloves and leather jackets. At the same time, these machines are only for two passenger and you cannot ride children or pregnant woman because the risk of accident or unsafe is too high.

On the other hand, although cars use more gas, are bigger than motorcycles, the insurance is more expensive and need more money in maintenance, these are the most useful method of transportation because of their 4 wheels. As a result, they are more stables, the risk of accident is less and they are safer. In a car, you can travel long distance without worrying about weather, or weight and, at the same time, cars can transport 4 or more passengers at the same time, so that makes more tempting for families, companies and people in general.

In conclusion, both cars and motorcycles are methods of transportation in which people use all the time. These machines help us to make our lives more easier and we need to be careful because sometimes could be dangerous.

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