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In the story Montana 148 the Hayden family of Bentrock, Montana goes through a sequence of events that will change their lives forever. At the beginning of the story everything is just fine. The first event that occurs is Marie Little Soldier (the Hoydens maid) becoming sick. After she had been sick for about a week she finally allows a doctor to come and see her. When Dr. Frank Hayden is suggested to her she says she doesn’t want him to visit her. The reason she doesn’t want doctor Hayden is because she has heard rumors about him raping Indian patients.

This comes as a surprise to the entire Hayden family because no one would have suspected Frank of foul play. After Wesley Hayden (franks brother and employer of Marie) talks to his brother about what he has heard Frank agrees to stop messing with his patients.

The next major event occurs is what may have finally pulled the last straw for Wesley. David (narrator of the story and the son of Wesley) saw Frank running out of the house the same day that Marie was found dead. Instead of arresting Frank, Wesley (who is also the county sheriff) decides to lock him in his basement where he can question him and get evidence against him. At this point in the story the entire Hayden family is devastated about Marie’s death and the news about Frank.

After Frank had been locked in Wesley’s basement for a few days, Wesley finally decides to take him to jail. One night the Hayden’s hear noises coming from the basement. Wesley realizes that it’s Frank who is in the basement breaking jars of canned foods. Wesley decides to let him go ahead and break all the jars and let the anger get out of his system. The next morning when Wesley goes down the stairs to haul Frank to jail he finds him dead on the basement floor. He had slashed his wrist with a broken piece of glass.

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