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The author Maya Angelou employs discerning writing to give a best image of Mrs. Cullinan. As a ten-year-old child living in Virginia, Margaret is employed by a white woman, Mrs. Cullinan. Mrs. Cullinan is the kind of woman who gives into the pressure of her prejudice friends’ remarks. An example of this is when Mrs. Cullinan calls Margaret, Mary because Mrs. Cullinan’s friends tell her she should. Because of this, Margaret purposely breaks one of Mrs. Cullinan dishes.

The White people in the story were ignorant people, towards the Black people, an example is Margaret tells a woman that in Stamps, her grandmother owned the only Negro general merchandise store since the turn of the century, and the woman replies by saying, why you were a debutante. ( Angelou) This to me sounds like the White woman was acting in a sarcastic and rude way towards Margaret. Whites did not have respect towards Black people. Even after Mrs. Cullinan was told numerous times not to call Margaret anything other then her name, she kept calling Margaret, Mary. When Mrs. Cullinan would call Margaret Mary, I believe Margaret felt, as she was dehumanized. No one likes to be called a name that does not correspond to that individual.


Mrs. Cullinan, “was a plump woman who lived in a three bedroom house somewhere behind the post office. She was singularly unattractive until she smiled, and then the lines around her eyes and mouth which made her look perpetually dirty disappeared, and her face looked like the mask of an impish elf.” (0 Angelou) Mrs. Cullinan was a woman who did not know how to respect individuals, she did not understand how important a name is important to a person. Mrs. Cullinan was a woman, who could not have kids because she was delicate boned, in addition she was exceptionally fat.

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In Mrs. Cullinan’s house, all the cups and plates had their own place in the cabinets. Approximately around twelve o’clock the table was already set for dinner. Around twelve fifteen p.m. Mrs. Cullinan would take a seat at the dinner table even if her husband had arrived or not. At about twelve sixteen p.m. Miss Glory would bring out the food. Work in the house was exceedingly harsh on Margaret, she always had to be doing some activity in the house. Miss Glory was a descendant of slaves that had worked for the Cullinans. (1 Angelou) Miss Glory and Margaret were almost alike. Miss Glory was very patient with Margaret when she was teaching her about the housework. Miss Glory explained everything that she had to explain to Margaret. So that she would be successful in Mrs. Cullinans’ house and not have any problems with Mrs. Cullinan. Miss Glory and Margaret drinking glasses were placed on a separate shelf from the other glasses.

The point in the story, where I feel the story reaches its climax is when Mrs. Cullinan calls Margaret Mary. A point in which hysteria brakes out in the


Household is when Miss Glory is hit on the head by a plate thrown by Mrs. Cullinan. People like Margaret and Miss Glory felt pity sometimes for Mrs. Cullinan, because of all the trouble that she has gone through and her husband not being there anymore. People thought of Miss Glory as a woman who was offensive, chauvinistic, stout, and repulsive. She did not know how to respect other people. The manner in which the china incident occurred was when Mrs. Cullinan insisted in calling Margaret, Mary. This got Margaret very annoyed, so Margaret purposely broke the china plate on the floor, to show Mrs. Cullinan that her name was important to her.

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