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The legalization of Cannabis sativa, or more commonly known as marijuana, has been a very controversial subject in America. Its uses are countless, and many consider it to be a very valuable drug. Marijuana should be legalized for cultural, psychological, and medical purposes.

Many different countries around the world associate marijuana with magical, medical, religious, and social customs. Many of these beliefs and traditions are still carried out today. In India, it is believed that an Indian god named Siva is portrayed as the Lord of the ‘Bhang’ which is the drink made up of Cannabis leaves, milk, sugar, and spices. The herb is also used in Tantric religious yoga acts. An hour before performing a yoga ritual, the believer will drink a bowl of bhang after reciting a mantra. This helps the devotee with the goals of Tantra- to achieve unity of mind, body, and spirit through yoga. In Africa, a researcher visiting Congo came across a ritual where all of the ancient deities were publicly burned by order of the king of an Indian tribe. The king determined this decision by realizing that an array of tribal gods would barely serve as a merging force for his people. So he ordered the old idols be replaced with a more powerful one, Cannabis. Tribes in Africa also believe that hemp will fight and prevail over all evil. When going to war or to travel, they bring hemp to protect against malevolence. Jamaica is also known for its beliefs in marijuana, also known as “ganja” in the land. It is used for recreational uses, as well as for religious and medical reasons. Traditionally, lower-class Jamaicans start to smoke marijuana at young ages because of domestic use in the home. Members of the Rastafarian religion also use ganja as a religious sacrament (Historical and Cultural Uses of Cannabis and the Canadian Marijuana Clash). Cannabis is used in many different cultures and religions all over the world. America is supposed to stand for independence, a very fortunate characteristic. Many other countries allow their people to smoke marijuana, so how can our country that stands for freedom advocate freedom to other countries when America’s own citizen’s privacy is not respected? What about the foreigners that come to America to have the right of religion, when they can’t even practice their sacred beliefs because what they believe is illegal in the country that is supposed to stand for freedom?

Many people also like to use marijuana for psychological purposes. In 10, researchers discovered receptors in the brain stirred by tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana (Goldberg, 140). This would conclude that the body generates cannabinoids for at least one or more reasons (141). Not only are these receptor sites found in the lower brain, but also in the cerebral cortex, which controls higher thinking (The World Book Encyclopedia, 561). This remarkable discovery could justify why many marijuana users say that the drug increases mental activities and creativity. The discovery of these sites may even help explain to alter the concept of time when marijuana is smoked, the delicate enrichment of perception, or even the ability to view the world with a sense of excitement and freshness. Cannabis may also be used as an intellectual stimulant. Marijuana assists the user to comprehend abstract boundaries, advance smoothness of relationships, and enhance insight and creativity (Goldberg, 141). It is also useful in gaining new views or to see problems from a different point of view (14). Because of this, it would be understandable to use marijuana as a preparation for intellectual work. It is only a matter of learning and experimenting for a marijuana smoker to make use of the changes in consciousness and mood produced by the drug. Users of Cannabis often have an enhanced appreciation for many things in life, such as food, music, beauty, and other sensual experiences. This drug has the ability to enhance pleasure, and even act as a form of therapy.

Marijuana can also be used for medicinal purposes. It has a long and continuing history for use as a therapeutic agent, and its medical resolutions are widely diverse. Marijuana could work wonders as a source of power when one is faced with excess exercise or fatigue (Merlin, 48). In fact, Indians traveling by foot have relied heavily on the herb as a stimulant, just as much as South American natives would have relied on cocoa (8). The juices from the flowering plant are enough to create a mixture to get rid of dandruff or pesky vermin from the hair (48). In the 170s, many people discovered that marijuana could ease unbearable nausea caused by cancer chemotherapeutic substances, and were found to be more effective than legal antinauseants (Goldberg, 1). The drug was also found to work wonders and increasingly lessen the pressure on the optic nerve in those suffering from open-angle glaucoma, and again proved to be more effective than conventional medications in progressive loss of vision caused by the disease (141). In the mid 180s, many with AIDS found that marijuana could once again alleviate nausea caused by the illness or by the medications taken to neutralize it. It even improved their appetites, and helped them to stop losing or even gaining weight. AIDS patients found that smoked marijuana was more effective than synthetic THC, which was legally available since 185 (14). In other countries, Cannabis is used to treat many diseases, disorders, and misfortunes such as insomnia, asthma, malaria, blood poisoning, and anthrax among many (Merlin, 4). In the United States, patients have learned how to obtain and use medicinal marijuana despite its unlawfulness. Many of those have reaped the benefits, and must only have to deal with the anxiety caused by the threat of arrest and their feelings about breaking the law. If marijuana were legal, terminally ill patients would be able to take advantage of this versatile drug with easier access and more inexpensive prices.

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I believe that it is an individual’s own free will to do what they please with their body and mind. Keeping marijuana illegal only takes from those own rights. I also believe that if the government were to legalize marijuana, they would have more control over the purity and potency of the drug and also the international drug trade could be regulated more effectively. A lot of money would be saved from the war on drugs, and more money could be put to use towards education, prevention, and treatment. Bibliography

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