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Who are you? And what have you done with my friend? This is a question that we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives. Sometimes, we have to witness our friends change everything about themselves just to fit the mold of what everyone thinks they should be. I for one, am happy to say that I don’t try to fit any mold. I am who I am. I think being true to myself is one of my best qualities.

Having your own opinion takes guts. I always state my beliefs. I do not agree with changing your opinions on a topic just because the rest of the group thinks differently than you do. Many times, people often “adopt” others’ beliefs in order to fit in. Most of the time people do not even realize they are doing it. The art of disagreeing is a beautiful thing! I do not understand why there is the need to fit in with everyone else. If everyone in the world were alike, I think it would be extremely boring. I think its great when people have their own opinions on something. I am proud of my thoughts and ideas! I would never try to hide them for the sake of others. Since I like giving my opinion on things, I pretty much “tell it like it is.” I tend to speak my mind without really thinking ahead which often gets me into trouble. But, I think in the end, people respect me for that because they know I will always tell the truth. If they need advice on something, they will come to me because they know I will give my honest opinion, not just tell them what they want to hear. At first, they might be a little angry because I gave my honest opinion but in the end they’re happy that I didn’t lie to them. I believe having your own opinions takes guts, I’m happy I have them.

Conformity is a big issue in high school. If its not the way you dress, it’s the music you listen to. People often feel that they have to look/dress/act a certain way before they can fit it. I’ve managed to avoid that at all costs. Other people purposely go against the “norm” in order to stand out, so to speak. I also disagree with doing this. I choose to listen to the music that sounds good to me, not everyone else. I could care less what everyone around me listens to. I could care less about what the radio says is cool. I feel the same way about the clothes I wear. Everyone should be allowed to have their own style. Now, it seems like you have to dress a certain way in order for everyone to like you, which isn’t right. I choose to have my own style and from what I can tell, no one has a problem with it. I do not care what the magazines say, I choose to wear what I want. It does not matter if the item is from a thrift store or the most expensive store in the mall, I’ll buy it just as long as I like it. I think that’s what sets me apart from most of the kids today. I am not materialistic at all. I don’t like going out and getting all of the hottest items just so I can show them off to everyone later. I think some people get so caught up in trying to be what everyone else “is” that they often forget who they really are. I wonder if half the people I hang out with or talk to are actually being themselves or if they’re trying to fit into that mold. I think it’s sad that you become friends with people but you do not truly know if its really them or not.

Not only am I true to myself, I am also true to my friends. The fact that I try to be myself all the time has an effect of my friendships too. Since I do not discriminate against people who listen to a certain type of music or dress a certain way, I am friends with many different types and groups of people. I am very upfront with all of them. I never talk behind anyone’s back because if I had something to say, I would say it to their face rather than talk about it with other people. I also never make fun of people because I find myself relating to most of the people that are getting made fun of. If someone is making fun of someone else for the way they’re dressed, I can’t comment because I’m most likely not dressed in some expensive clothes from the mall either. The fact that I don’t try to be someone else also takes effect on my activities during the weekend too. I’m not much of a partier. Most people really aren’t that type either. They just choose to do all the partying because if they did anything else, others might look down upon them. I on the other hand, am not ashamed to say that my typical Saturday night consists of drinking Starbucks and sitting at a bookstore reading until 1100 p.m., then heading to get something to eat, then going home. I’m not the party type and I’m not even going to try to be that type, either. I’d rather just do my own thing than run with the crowd, it’s more fun that way.

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Being yourself nowadays is a really tough job. With all the peer pressure that you have to deal with in high school, it is often easier to just run with the crowd and become someone you really are not. Other people can have a huge effect on your life if you let them. They can effect your thoughts and feelings. They can even somewhat decide on the way you are going to look and act. Sometimes, other people will have an effect on your hobbies and activities outside of school. The trick is, just to be yourself. It may me tempting to be something you are not because it almost seems as if more people are going to like you that way. But, in most cases, that is not true. People hold respect for people who have individuality.

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