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After I finished reading the four poems, I preferred ¡§Harlem¡¨ most. I think it is because the first time I read it, I had a special perception of this poem. And maybe the variable description attracted me. When I was reading this poem, I saw pictures emerged out of my mind. Somehow, I think this poem had a good metaphor in it but this doesn¡¦t mean that others don¡¦t have a good metaphor in it!

The title of the poem is named ¡§Harlem¡¨, which is located in New York and all lived Blacks inside. It is obviously to see that the contents of the poem must be related to the Blacks. From the first line of the poem we can see that Blacks do not have freedom and the whites inhabit them. It is said, ¡§What happens to a dream deferred?¡¨ (64). It also contains the meaning of The dream never comes true. What is the dream? When the Blacks come to America, have they ever thought their life would be this miserable? Of course not, no one would prefer to be a slave. But they had no choices just because the color of their skin. They had to work all day on the cotton field under the sun. So I think the metaphors of line three have two meanings; the first meaning is on a literal level, which means that the Blacks work under the sun and just like a dried up raisin. The second meaning is the deferred dream. The dream that they had when they first came to America but now they were all vanished, just like waters evaporate in the sun.

On line four and five the fester caused by the sore is metaphor to the disappointment. When you get hurt the first time, you probably will take good care of it and be really careful; but when you have been hurt for too many times, you will get tired and also very disappointed. And that is where the fester came from.

¡§ Does it stink like rotten meat?¡¨ (64). I like this line strongly. It is very simple and easy for readers to understand what the author tried to express. On the other hand, the description is suitable; just like an arrow shoot straight to the target. And the ¡§rotten meat¡¨ is to symbolize the ¡§deferred dream¡¨. It took too long to make the dream come true. Just like if you kept meat for too long then it will become spoiled and rotten. So that¡¦s why the author would preferred to use ¡§rotten meat¡¨ to describe the dream instead of others.

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¡§Or crust and sugar over----- like a syrupy sweet?¡¨ In my opinion, this line is the ironic part of this poem. The author wrote this sentence so that this poem won¡¦t be too dark and full of complains, also it added freshness into this poem. The sentence is also the turning point of this poem. The next two sentences is metaphor to the dream again. The author turned the abstract into concrete. The dream is a big pressure for the Blacks to carry; it is a burden to them. So the author used the word ¡§sags¡¨, which can accurately point out the problems.

In the end of this poem, the author just used one line to end it up. It looks like a question but actually it is an answer. The explode in the last sentence means ¡§none¡¨. If something explodes, it means that it is gone¡Bvanished. So the dream actually is like a wish that will never come true, or maybe it will come true but there is no end in sight!

After finish reading this poem, I¡¦m very touched and also a little sad. I am touched because I can felt Langston¡¦s sincerity; sad, because even until now there were still discrimination all over the world. I wish that one day all of the discrimination will vanished, just like the water under the sun!

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