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Gracey Essay

“He’s different I’m different. We just don’t have much in common any more.”

How true is this statement by the end of the novel?

Its obvious that a traumatic experience like losing a loved one is going to bring people together so losing two people would most likely bring people even closer. This shows in how Gracey became closer to Dougy and visa-versa, but that’s not the only reason these two became so close at the end of the novel. There were other factors that bought them together e.g. the finding of the bones brought them close also, this will be discussed in more detail further on.

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At the beginning of the novel Dougy and Gracey were very different Gracey was smart, gifted (her running), the schools they went to differed greatly and even how often they attended school was different. Mostly because of these differences Gracey and Dougy were so far apart at the start of the novel but as the novel progressed these differences faded away as they began to fight for the same cause.

Gracey and Dougy’s differences showed in the way in which they fought for both the bones and the rights of the Aboriginals. Gracey was portrayed as having “the smarts” because she went to the library, whereas Dougy was shown as the one who did the gritty work of actually finding the bones. Though their methods were different their attitude and goal remained the same this is also part of the reason Gracey and Dougy become closer.

Gracey and Dougy were fighting on different levels Dougy was fighting for the bones as far as he knew but he was fighting for Aboriginal rights also. Gracey was using the “bones” as a sort of excuse for standing up for Aborigines. Then they both worked out that they were in a way fighting for the same things.

All of these occurrences helped to bring Gracey and Dougy closer together so by the end of the book Gracey’s statement was and wasn’t true on one hand Gracey and Dougy had something in common, the fight for the bones and Aboriginal rights, on the other hand they still are very different Dougy will never be as smart as Gracey nor as fast or be as committed to school, its almost as if Dougy is doomed to becoming a drunk dole bludger although seeing what alcohol did to his brother might make him fly straight, either way Gracey’s statement wasn’t entirely correct or entirely wrong.

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