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The word euthanasia means “good death”. Each day, thousands of people suffer from terminal illnesses. The pain becomes unbearable, and the patient becomes desperate for relief. Physician assisted suicide becomes an opinion. Doctor Kevorkian agrees with this idea of dying peacefully and is well known for his assisted suicides. He has had his medical license suspended, and had been unjustly punished for his crimes. Physician assisted suicide is less expensive, humane, and offers a person a night to chose how to die.Downfalls of American Mental Institutions

Inconsistent enrollmentMarijuana has become a very debated topic throughout the United States. For instance, under President Clinton, the war on marijuana had escalated. Clinton gave permission for “classified programs”, which included military spy planes and the DEA to wage war on American citizens who use marijuana. Not since the Civil War has any president allowed the American military to be used against American citizens. The Clinton program against marijuana had called for $15.1 billion a year to initiate a “decade- long commitment” to reduce drugs in America. Clinton’s program was a thousand percent increase in anti-drug money over $1.5 billion budget of a decade ago. Not only do marijuana arrests contribute to jail overcrowding, but they place the prisoners in a hostile environment where they meet and socialize with criminals, learn illegal trades, and are in personal danger. For many people who use marijuana, the use of a restricted substance is the only conscience illegal act he or she commits. Otherwise, they are productive, tax paying citizens. Enforcing marijuana laws drains resources that should be properly used to fight violent crimes. Nationwide, there were more arrests for marijuana than there were for arson, manslaughter, rape, stolen property, vandalism, and sex offenses combined. The United States is second in the world in its rate of incarceration. The marijuana laws have eroded the confidence and the trust that Americans have for the police. As long as marijuana remains illegal, jails will be filled to

capacity with people who use marijuana and will be rid of the people who really should be in prison.

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In terms of health effects on humans, the government itself admits that marijuana is relatively harmless. According to the The National Institute of Drug Abuse pamphlet for Parents Only What You Need to Know About Marijuana states, “Marijuana does not directly cause mental problems, but like many other drugs, it appears to bring to the surface emotional problems and can even trigger more severe disorders, particularly schizophrenia[...] There is little evidence that the drug is physically addicting[...] There is nothing in marijuana itself that causes people to use other drugs[...] No definitive neurological study of humans has turned up evidence of marijuana - related permanent brain damage[...] There is no direct evidence so far that marijuana can cause cancer in humans.” Marijuana is a natural herb that has yet been a factor in a death in Americans. Tobacco kills about 0,000 people per year, alcohol kills about 80,000, even aspirin kills up to ,000, while on the other hand marijuana has been proven to kill a single person.

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