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In a speech during his first year in office, President Eisenhower declared that an effective civil defense program required sober training and selfdiscipline. In the final analysis, the American response to a nuclear attack depended on a moral regime to which the American people would subject themselves. 1 The main training site where civil defense discipline would be cultivated was the home.

The decisive role assigned to the household in Cold War national security planning was a consequence of the fundamental premise of civil defense In World War III, the American people would be responsible for protecting themselves. Because the federal government had ruled out a publicly financed program of civil defense, survival would largely be a do-it-yourself enterprise. The state would provide a central organization, a national plan, education and training, modest financial assistance, and the consolidation and standardization of operations across the country. But in the end, civil defense was essentially selfhelp, which meant that its success depended on the traditional American virtues of self-determination, personal responsibility, and voluntary cooperation. These virtues were believed to be anchored in the family, the primary locus of their inculcation and practice. Therefore, civil defense rested on moral foundations that were situated in the home. As Eisenhower observed, civil defense was grounded in the moral structure of the family and the spiritual strength of Americans. This caused what became to be the Cold War. In the early years of the Cold War, American national security planners arrived at an interpretation of the probable reaction of the American people to a nuclear attack on the United States. They argued that the public would respond to the prospect of nuclear war with expressions of panic or terror. Such a response, however, was inconsistent with the role that the planners had reserved for the American people in the contest with the Soviet Union. The policy of containment by means of deterrence required the public to exhibit credible expressions of determination to fight a nuclear war. Acting on this interpretation, civil defense specialists developed a plan to bring the public psychology into conformity with the requirements of national security policy. This plan was a comprehensive system of emotion management designed to suppress an irrational terror of nuclear war and foster in its stead a more pragmatic nuclear fear. Once the passage from nuclear terror to nuclear fear had been completed, civil defense organizations would be in a position to employ nuclear fear in their programs of human resource management. Properly channeled, nuclear fear would motivate the public to deliver the support regarded as essential to America.

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