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Homework Chapter 18. ,,6,,11

. Historically, the three major sources of the public debt have been wars, recessions, and tax-rate cuts. Annual deficits were so large in 180s because the 181 tax cuts, combined with the severe 180-18 recession, generated rapidly rising annual deficits. The deficit rose sharply in 11 and 1 because the Federal government incurred massive expenses in bailing out savings and loan associations that failed during the recession. The large budget surpluses of the late 10s and early 000s are the results of a deficit-reduction package that the Clinton administration and Congress passed. It was a package of higher tax rates and spending limits in place, and with strong economic growth, the annual deficit shrank and the economy continued to expand, so a budget surplus emerged in 18.

. The two main ways the size of the public debt can be measured are GDP and debt. The debt needs only be refinanced rather than refunded. Refinancing the public debt is paying owners of maturing government securities with money obtained by selling new securities or with new securities. Retiring the public debt is reducing the size of the public debt by paying money to owners of maturing U.S government securities. Externally held public debt differs from an internally held public debt in a way that external public debt enables foreigners to buy some of our output. Not like internal public debt that we can own the portion of the debt, the United States transfer goods and services to foreign lenders.

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6. Paying off the public debt would increase the income inequality because the overall Federal tax system is only mildly progress. The ownership of the public debt is concentrated among wealthier groups who own a large percentage of all stocks and bonds. Income is transferred from people who have lower incomes to the higher-income bondholders.

. In the day-today conduct of monetary policy, the components of the public debt play


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