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Abnormal means to deviate from what is usual

or from some sort of standard. The problem lies

in establishing a standard. C. Flanagan

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Mental illness is almost impossible to define as what may be considered normal in one society wouldnt be accepted as such, in another. What is common at a certain age or in a certain context/culture is not universal. An example of this would be walking around naked in public you would considered mad but in other cultures this is normal, is also differs from generation to generation - as recently as the late 150s, homosexual acts were regarded as a criminal offence.

Szasz (17) suggested that madness is manufactured solely in order to label those people in society who do not conform to the rules of that society or to conventional standards of morality. The general universal indicator, agreed by the experts, is that the person is, causing distress to oneself or others.

Mental illness is very common and will affect 1 in 4 of us at some point in our lives. It is a general term relating to those ilnesses that affect the mind in the same way that other illnesses affect other parts of the body. With physical illness there is pain, sweating and change in temperature but the mental illness it relies on what the patient says or how he/she behaves, relative to the accepted behaviours in his/her culture or environment. Mental illness is still regarded with fear/embarrassment and for this reason, many prefer to talk about mental or emotional distress, rather than mental illness.

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