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Tree Near the Water

My life changed this September, I moved to the USA. Just when I thought I had a grip of my life; apartment, work, social life, the 1st of January arrived and spring semester started. All the so-called balance I have achieved had to change; my weekly rituals were no longer weekly � but daily.

Constant change, flexibility of the brain, is an essential requirement to cope with college life.

I still work every day from nine to five, after an hour on the bus I get home and cook some dinner, organize the house, and give some attention to my boyfriend.

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Weekends I work at a bar in Bucktown.

My highlight of the week happens Monday evening; I go to yoga class. This activity fills me with energy in calm mind, which allows my to concentrate in my work.

College life took the toll of my social life, I love going out to clubs, bars, and lounges. Chicago offers a huge variety of activities to nightlife lovers. However since I started school I cannot attend as many events as I used to. I can’t afford to sleep the next day and recuperate from drinking alcohol, as I would like to.

I need my alertness and brain functioning as best as can be, in order to write essays and the rest of my homework.

Financially I have a big burden since I started attending college, I reduced the shifts bartending over the weekend, and the college expenses are high.

I must be aware from unnecessary expenses and save my penny.

Not only my life changed since I started college, my boyfriend’s life had to change as well. At school nights, he must turn the TV off at midnight, when I have a paper to write he needs to vanish from my sight or else it can be dangerous (I tend to be edgy). He participates in the house chores as needed � and it’s needed a lot!

Yoga is about physical strength and flexibility. The philosophy talks about the body-mind connection. My teacher tried to demonstrate this theory by positioning the class in a pose named “the tree”. When we stood with our eyes closed he talked about a tree next to the water, its roots are very strong into the ground, however the body itself is very flexible. When the wind blows the tree won’t break, the roots will keep it grounded and the body will bend as necessary.

I try to use this knowledge, in my daily life, in college life especially. It takes a lot of strength to be able to handle as much work as I do, to coop with all the mental stress and the painful learning process, and above all being able to enjoy the process.

I give a lot of credit to yoga; it showed me how to look at changes in a positive way and flow with them, without breaking.

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