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Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell, a British author, and published in 145.

The book is about farm animals running a farm and becoming self sufficient. In reality, it is a

satirical allegory of the Russian Revolution. It is a story with great details and surprising events,

which makes it a good book to read. On the other hand, the movie has far less details and events


to make it as interesting as the book. Though the story is the same, the lack of details makes the

movie dull.

One thing that makes a book great is character. The movie does not show as many animals as

the book does. It only presents the main ones. Even though this is a small difference, it can be

noticeable. For example, the book shows Mollie, one of the animal characters, betraying the

animals by being with humans, which makes the reader think that there may be more traitors.

Unlike the book, the movie did not have a Mollie character, taking away the feeling of suspense

for what was going to happen later on.

There were many shocking surprises in the book. One of them was that Napoleon was indeed

a mean pig, but this is not noticed until later on in the story. In the movie, Napoleon had a bad

image from the beginning. He had a mean look and there was also gloomy music when they had

scenes of him, making him seem meaner.

Another detail that the movie missed was that, in the book, all the animals could talk. “Beast

of England” was hummed, when in the book, the animals sung it. The novel describes the

communication skills of the animals, and their words represented the hate they felt for the

humans and the injustice done to them. This is very important because this greatly motivated the

animals to rebel. When the movie shows the animals humming “Beasts of England”, it takes

away the mood of the story. Another reason speech is important is because in the book, animals

sometimes questioned authority. Boxer, the hard working horse, once question Squealer’s

actions. The movie makes it hard for the viewers to try to guess the animal’s feelings.

The movie and the book have more differences. The movie showed Mr. Jones, the man who

ran the farm, being killed in the windmill explosion. The book shows that he died at a relative’s


At last, in the movie, the animals rebelled. This was a bad ending for this story because there

was a small feeling of happiness for the animals. This book was meant to show that not

everything has as a happy ending.

Animal Farm is a very good book, but the movie was a bad rendition of the novel. Though the

story is the same, the details made the movie lack in content. Animal farm the novel is a much

better than it’s movie version.

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