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I just finished reading the story of Ruth in the King James Version of the Bible. This is a remarkable story it is about a young women named “Ruth”, who betrays her royalty and commitment in her lifetime. Her name means “friendship” in English, which I can quite say she was a friendly person, who was always willing to help someone in need. She was always looking out for others, before herself, she was not a selfish person, but caring. Ruth was not only a widow but she was the ancestor of David and Jesus Christ. I felt sentimental for her, because she was a widow, who lost her husband, and had to get remarried.

As the story progresses, Naomi comes in who is Ruth and Orpah’s mother in law she tells them to go back to their mothers home, to seek the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord was giving food to the people back home, because of the famine that had commenced. I really felt good about this, how Naomi showed so much devotion for her daughter in laws even though her two sons were dead, she showed so much sympathy for them. “May the Lord show kindness to you, as you have shown to your dead and to me”. These were the kind words of Naomi, she was implying even though her two sons were dead, Ruth and Orpah were two admirable, and strong people. They were willing to stick with her and help her get through her toughest time in her life. I could tell that she was a friendly, loving, and caring person, at this point of the story. She was not a selfish, uncaring person, but a loving, caring and devoted mother in law.

Not only did I like Naomi but I also admired Ruth. Ruth was a caring person as well, when Naomi said “Return home my daughters”. Ruth did not intend to go, she intended to stay with Naomi. She said “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you, where you go I will go.” After reading that I could tell both Naomi and Ruth were two inseparable people. It felt good to know they would do anything for each other as long as they would be together through thick and thin.

The story of Esther, is about a courageous young Jewish woman, who grows up as an orphan, and is raised by her uncle. I was aroused to find out that an orphan, who grew up without a family, and money came to be the Queen of Persia. She even saved the the entire nation from the genocide in Persia. This book states that God had not abandoned his people, even though they were in the exile. I learned a lot about Christianity and I hope you liked the stories because I sure did.

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