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After a long four hour drive, we pulled into the chelan state park. It

was like going to the woods. We were finding our campsite when we passed

these very attractive girls walking by. Just think these are thoughts coming

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from a fourteen year old boy who has seen many girls in his life.

After we finished pitching our tents and unpacking our gear and food I

asked Nick my slender white boy friend if he wanted to go down to the beach

and scope out the girls. Of course he said yes so we went down to the beach

and then we saw them again, those two girls were down there playing in the

water. We decided to go down and talk to them. I found out that one of the

girls live near me. The girls names were Maddy and Jessica. Maddy is a

picture perfect blonde like a movie star that has beautiful blue eyes and was

5’5”. Jessica was a dirty blonde with brown eyes and they were both tan.

They claimed that they were fifteen and sixteen years old but later we found

out that they were only thirteen and fourteen. They sure did look fifteen and

sixteen though.

Later that night Nick and I decided to invite Maddy and Jessica to

come over for dinner and a game of BS. Nick and I won most of the games.

After playing a few games of BS we finally had dinner which consisted of

hamburgers, pasta salad, peaches and pop. The dinner was really good. we

sat around the campfire on the inflatable chairs and looked at the stars for a

while until our parents made us go to bed so the girls had to leave.

The next morning Nick and I got up and invited the girls to go on the

sead-doos and cruise around the lake for a while. I had Jessica on mine and

Nick had Maddy on his. Nick and I were crazy on them. We made tight loops

which sometimes through the girls off the back. After a couple hours nick and

I switched girls. We were flying around the lake for about forty-five minutes

going sixty mph. The mist from other wakes we were jumping off was

spraying in our faces while we went to the cliffs that were covered in names

spraypainted on. for about an half-hour we jumped off the cliffs pretty high.

After we got bored we cruised back and flipped the girls off a couple more

times before we beached the sea-doos.

It was about 5-o-clock when we got back. We had a late late lunch

and had deeper conversations with the about ourselves with the girls. We

eventually had feelings for eachother. Alec, Nicks friend came that day. He

was about 5’7”, skinny and very funny. Alec and his dad Stew (wildstew)

brought a couple of dirt bikes with them. It turned out that Maddy liked Nick

and Jessica liked Alec. I was fine with what turned out but I still had

feelings for Maddy.

After a while Stew took Nick, Alec, my Dad, and I dirt bikeing up in

the hills north of the 5 mile creek. it was really hot up there. the suburban

said it was 115 degrees feregnheit. We went biking for a while then stopped

because it was to hot so we went swimming in a creek nearby which turned

out to be really cold but relaxing. After about twenty minutes Stew asked

Alec and I to put the Bikes on the trailer. While putting them on the trailer I

burned my leg on the muffler of one of them. We finally got back and as I

predicted the girls were waiting for us to come over. We had dinner and sat

by the fire again and watched the stars until we had to go to bed two hours


The next day we went to the water park. the funny thing is we didn’t

know the girls were going to be there. So like the past two days we decided

to hang out together. We were there for about five hours the we left. That

night was our last night together with the girls so we decided to sneak out and

sleep outside with the girls under the stars cuddling.

The morning came fast. We had to pack up all of our stuff and

exchange numbers and addresses. The thing that changed my life is that

Maddy and I are best friends and will be for life.

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