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“Character is Destiny”

“My purse, my purse,” screams the lady. As the snatcher disappears, she yells, “this will come back to haunt you.” This I think this relates to what Novalis wrote, “Character is destiny.” Novalis was a pseudonym for Fredrich Von Hardenberg (Novalis pg.1 www.xrefer.com). He was an author of poetry and prose (Novalis pg.1 www.kirjasto.com). This quote “Character is Destiny” can be found in the German book of poems, Heinrich Von Ofterdingen (Novalis pg. 1 www.xrefer.com). It was originally stated, “I now realize that fate and character are the same thing” (Novalis pg.1 www.xrefer.com). It has the same meaning but is stated differently. I think “Character is destiny” applies to modern life. For instance character and destiny mean the same things as they did back then so the quote would still have the same meaning. Another point would be is that a person’s fate will be based directly on their character. This quote can apply to modern times and to literature.

From my research I discovered that Novalis’ writings were spiritually and religiously based (Novalis Pg.1 www.encarta.com). I found that this poem came from an unfinished book of poetry that was about longing for life after death. It was published posthumously (Novalis pg.1 www.encarta.com). Novalis, in my opinion, had a longing for life after death. I think he wanted this because his wife died young and he didn’t have a long time to spend with her. Novalis also died young, at the age of (Novalis pg.1 www.encarta.com). Also at this web site I learned that they both died of tuberculosis. That is why I believe he had a longing for life after death because his one on earth was so short. In other research I did interviews. I interviewed my sister and my mom. My sister had to say, “it means that if you’re a bad person you’ll have a bad life” (Amber interview). I agree with her because it makes sense. If you’re a bad person you should have a bad life. My mom said, “Who you are is what you’ll become” (hers was very similar to my moms but stated differently. The last thing I discovered is that he was educated. He went to three different colleges and only had one finished work (Novalis pg.1 www.encarta.com). It shows that his writing meant a lot to him and that school had been important. He had a good background for writing, and he had probably lived his writings. This quote also applies to literature. For example, it applies in the book Silas Marner.

To show how it links to Silas Marner, a good example is Godfrey Cass, Silas Marner, and Dunstan Cass. Their future was all directly linked to their character, Silas ended up with Eppie, Godfrey loses Eppie, and Dunstan ends up dead. Godfrey lived his life on chance, didn’t take responsibility for his actions, and was spoiled. Godfrey early in the story was childish. He lived his life moment to moment not thinking of the consequences, which was Eppie. He didn’t take responsibility for Eppie, except for financially and this eventually cost him her. Godfrey had messed his life up early maybe because of Dunstan but it didn’t give him any reason to abandon her. He took a chance here that later in life him and Nancy would have their own kids and Eppie wouldn’t really matter. How wrong he was that Nancy ended up not being able to have children and Eppie would be his only one. Chance got him into that mess and chance he depended on getting him out of it. Another thing about Godfrey was that he was spoiled. His dad provided for him and Godfrey was protected. His taste with the real world was scary to him because there was no where to run when his father was gone. He was dependent on himself now. He now had a real problem, his wife couldn’t have children and his father wasn’t there to influence the decision of the jury. He was on his own. He didn’t know responsibility because he had whatever he wanted. And a child was the only thing he couldn’t have. There was no father to give it to him, his irresponsibility had cost him the only one he would have, and chance had killed the one he had. His destiny was one without a child. This was his destiny because this meant something to him, he didn’t live a good life and this was an appropriate punishment or destiny. Silas on the other hand was a good person. He worked hard, was compassionate, and did the right thing. He worked for a living, and his job wasn’t easy. Nothing was given to him and he didn’t have much. He showed compassion towards Eppie because she was nice to him and treated him like a person. He also was helpful to people in desperate times of need. He did the right thing. When Eppie came to his door. He treated her right and was good to her. He provided what he could and knew that the right thing was to keep her and care for her. Which he did, and his reward was Eppie the replacement for all the pain. Having Eppie was his destiny. Dunstan was worse than all of them. He was a horrible person. He stole, he lied, was underhanded and tricky. He was a bad influence on Godfrey. He got him drinking till he was drunk and which was the reason he married Molly. He messed up his life but not beyond repair. He also lied. He would promise something then break it. Such as in the case with the money he borrowed from Godfrey. He promised to pay it back but never did. Another example would be saying he would sell the horse but instead accidentally killing it. He stole. He took the money from Silas’ house. He ran away and died, but not before leaving his mark. He was the bad seed, who wrecked people’s lives. He himself probably wasn’t happy unless others weren’t happy. He made sure this was true because he knew his brother was an easy target. However his character was his destiny, or karma what goes around comes around. He died without anyone, probably painfully, and in a manner that was appropriate for his character.

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In conclusion, persons’ character is their destiny. It is true in modern times, literature, and always. In my opinion I think this was the point Novalis was trying to make. I think he thought that maybe you’ll have a good life and afterlife. No person can know but everyone can speculate. I think that character is destiny is true for everyone, and to quote, “who you are is what you’ll become”(Michelle interview).

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