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As a child I was always independent, I never wanted help from my parents to buy anything for me or my brothers to help me in a fight. My father thouhgt that wasgood but, he always told me dont be scared to ask for help. One day I was going toschool, it seem like a regular day, Its was very cold and the sun was barely peaking over the horizon the mist made it hard to see. I was not the best of friends with theneighborhood kids because I didnt go to there school or just talk to them for that matter. No matter how long I lived there they look at my brother and I as an outsider.We reallly didnt cross paths but this morning they seem very interested about me asI sat on the floor waiting for the city bus to come by.

My older brothers and cousins were well known in the neighborhood as peoplethat you dont mess with. This was one of the main reason that I got into confrontation with people. They wanted to test am I as tough as the rest of them. I was paid a visited by one of the guys that was looking at me from across the street. By the way he was coming towards me and the looks on his friends faces I already knew something was about to happen. Not wanting to look like Im scared or intimadated by him I just look at him with disgust and said What.

I didnt even hear what he was saying to me after that, my heart was pounding and my hands was starting to swet as I was divising a plan for various scenarios. Should I hit him and run or would everbody laugh at me? Should I just try to fight them all and most likely get beat up real badly but save the respect of my brothers and the boys that I socialized with. These were all the things going threw my mind as I bald my fist as tight as I can. I look up and saw the school bus coming around the corner and it was like a breath of fresh air. I finally start listening to him but could only catch his last words as he walked away. Ima catch you after school and we will see whats up then.

At school I couldnt think of anything but what was going to happen after school let out. All I had to do was tell my brothers what had happen and it would have been over but again me being to independent got in the way of thinking rationally. It got colder as the day progress and the weather changed to resembel the way I felt. The sky became pitch black and It started to rain as I made my way back home.

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I tried hard to get my mind off it but the closer it got to 0pm the more I

worried I herd a knock on the door around four Oclock. Prepared for what ever is on the other side I swung the door open as fast as I can. Letting out a Sigh of relief when I saw the familer face of my three brothers. At five oclock most of kids went out to the JFK elementry school to play basketball and to meet up with friends. I regularly attended the session over there so I knew they would be there waiting for me. As the time came I got dress putting on my shorts and shoes as slow as I can.

Leaving the house I look back at my brothers thinking this is the last chance to say something but I just start my way to the basketball court. That day I recieved the beating of my life, it didnt last long and I hurt two of them more then I got hurt but all I was thinking of was my dad was right. If I wasnt afraid to ask for help I wouldnt have got my self into this perdicament.

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