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Are we mindlessly throwing our money out to colleges to better educate our children, or so we think. A new issue has come up that out children are not getting our moneys worth out of college. They typically go to class for four years, but is the money really worth what they come out with or is college just a day care for young adults. Too many students go to college just because it is what every one says to do, not what they truly feel is right for them.

Public-relations specialist and writer Caroline Bird wrote an essay in which she talks about how too many college students are just in school because their parents make them, or that is what every one has always told them they need to do. Bird talks about how students go to school to just try to improve their paychecks instead of actually going to school to educate them selves. Another point bird makes is college is just working to keep our young adults out of the mainstream of the job market because they are not as desired because of their age. It is like putting good workers on layaway until they reach a respectable age so that people will treat them serious.

To many people college is just now what they need right after high school. According to Caroline Bird, “if students believe that college is not necessarily good for them, you can not expect them to stay on for the general good of mankind”(Bird 466). I feel that what Bird is saying here is that you can not expect a college student to really put all their heart into their studies if they really don not want to be there improving their minds. Caroline Bird writes “I believe that college has to be judged not on what other people think is good for students, but on how good it feels to the students themselves” (Bird 465). People cram into kids heads that college is just the thing you do after high school, this choice needs to be made by the person them selves and that person only.

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College students are going to school for all the wrong reasons. Too many people are going to increase their pay when they are older. In her essay Caroline Bird say’s that “if money is the only goal, college is the dumbest investment you can make”(Bird 466). By investing your money wisely you can be just as wealthy as a college graduate, but the key is to invest your money wisely. Money is not the only reason that people are going to college for the wrong reasons. According to Caroline Bird, “For some young people, it is a graceful way to get away from home and become independent without losing the financial support of their parents”(Bird 465). These kids see that they can live on their own with assisted income but they have to go to college to achieve this. This is enough to make students go to school even though they could care less.

College acts like a day care for young adults. A company is not going to hire a kid just out of high school because they would not have the experience to deal with people who have been working all their lives. Caroline Bird writes

“My unnerving conclusion is that students are sad because they are not needed. Somewhere between the nursery and the employment office, they become unwanted adults. No one has anything in particular against them. But no one knows what to do with them either. We already have too many people in the world of the 170s, and there is no room for so many newly minted 18-year-olds. So we temporarily get them out of the way by sending them to college where in fact only a few belong” (Bird 464).

There is not enough room in the world to have every one just come out of high school and get a job so college just works a delay. In Caroline Bird’s opinion “ no more then 5 percent of students are turned on by class work. For the rest, college is at best a social center or aging vat, and at worst a young folks’ home or even a prison that keeps them out of the mainstream of economic life for a few more years” (Bird 46). I am not saying that people should go out and higher people straight out of high school these people are unskilled and should only be hired they are qualified for.

College does nothing but waist the money of people who really do not want to be there. Bird states “Some refuse to go to college at all. Most, of course, have neither the funds nor the self-confidence for constructive articulation of their discontent. They simply hang around college unhappily and reluctantly” (Bird 464). All college is doing is robbing the pockets of our people who could be using that toward other things especially if they are not interested in college in the first place. “In fact there is no real evidence that the higher income of college graduates is due to college. College may simply attract people who are slated to earn more money anyway” according to Caroline Bird (467). If there is no real proof that college graduates earn more money then why is every one so inclined to pressure or children into going to college?

Since we first start to think about our life outside of college some one is always trying to pound it in our heads that it is necessary to go to college in order to succeed in life. Caroline Bird wrote “ Educators have never said, ‘Go to college and get a good job,’ but this has been implied, and now students expect it” (Bird 468). I can honestly say that people have always told me that I needed to go to college I never really thought of it as a choice. Bird says, “Adults-parents, employers, high school counselors-began to push, shove and cajole youngsters to get and education”(Bird 46). It is odd if a person does not go to college. We as a whole typically think that they are not going to be successful, or that they are making the wrong choice.

I personally feel that after reading Caroline Birds essay that college is stressed too much by our elders. I know people that are very successful who have never attended college. Lindsey Vorenkamp a first year student at Blinn College states that, “If your heart is not in to it then you are less likely to succeed. I agree with her totally, but this idea goes for anything in life. If you are not interested in a particular subject you are most likely not going to do as well as you would in a subject that interests you. What other choice do students have when college has been shoved down their throats since the first started to talk about life after high school? Bryan Garza an Animal Science major at Blinn College said, “A lot of counselors put pressure on you to get into college and make something of your self.” This should not be happening. Teachers and counselors should consider that maybe college is not going to be the next steep in you life.

Too many people go to college just because it is what the world tells us to do, not what we actually feel is right for ourselves. Young adults should not see college as a way to increase the amount of money on the paychecks they are going to get when they are older. The world uses college as a kind of layaway for our young adults until they reach an age where people take them more seriously. To some college is the biggest waste of money there is, but to others it is a very rewarding experience. The choice should be made by the students them selves and not other influences.

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