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If we believe that animals have rights then it is moot question to ask if there could be a benefit derived by abusing them. It doesnt matter if testing and experimenting on animals might help people cure diseases in humans, its still wrong. Animals should most definitely have the right not to be injected with diseases and they should not be bred to die. Animal testing is immoral, inhumane, and just plain wrong.

Imagine for a moment that Fluffy, your pet cat, had a disease, now imagine testing for that disease on something else. Imagine that that something else was a human infant . Without a doubt, you would think that that would be wrong and very immoral. Wouldn’t you want scientists and veterinarians to figure out what was wrong with Fluffy, by testing on another Fluffy. Of course you would. People have to remember that humans and animals are different. So diseases and treatments in animals and humans would be different.

It is true that there has been some medical breakthroughs because of animal testing, but experimenting on animals has also been a danger to human health. As stated by David Wiebers in the February 17 issue of Scientific American “Important medical advances have been delayed because of misleading results derived from animal experiments.” Now, what are some of the misleading result from? Research about polio, strokes, lung cancer, and birth defects.

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According to an article titled Animal Testing Alternatives, Research scientists who are using animals as test subjects are required by the Animal Welfare Act to consider alternatives to animal testing prior to beginning a research project. The article also states that investigators are required to search the literature for alternatives and to supply their findings to their Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). If no alternatives are available, investigators must supply to their IACUC a written description of their search history and databases used to look for alternatives.

A good way to resolve this whole animal testing dilemma would be to allow scientists and doctors to test and experiment on humans. If a person gets a serious disease, the doctors could test treatments on the person with the disease, if he or she understands the consequences, and still wishes for them to do so.

People assume that since animals cannot communicate with us, and since most of them live in the wild, they are unworthy of the right to live. All life is precious and to take a life to cure another life is wrong. As stated in the article called Ethics and Animal Rights Issues, Everybody has the inalienable right not to be tortured.

Another bit from Ethics and the Animal Rights Issues, says If we believe that animals have rights then it simply doesnt make any difference whether or not there is a putative benefit derived from subjecting animals to abuse. So I think that Who the h cares (with an explanation) is an excellent answer to the question Hasnt animal research been necessary in some medical breakthroughs?

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