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Anger is a normal human emotion. However if you let if happen to often it can turn into self-destructive behavior. Learning to control your anger can prevent further damage to your relationships, reputation, and most importantly, your health. Not only does anger bring damaging effects to ones health but stress also plays a major role in it as well. People who are angry generally harbor alot of stress. Most people consider stress as problems, worries, tension or pressure. It is more valuable and pracical to see it as change. Stress is any change that you must adjust to. It is also a physical, chemical, or emotional development that causes strains that can eventually lead to physical illness. Stress is brought on by stressors, which are things, events or people that cause us to change or adapt, they can be pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Christmas, the holidays, a wedding, buying a house, having a child, all can by very positive but stressful at the same time.

Although stress is envitable, there are many effective coping strategies for dealing with high amounts of stress. Some examples could include taking a break, therapeutic massage, regular exercise, laughing, listening to music and/or reading. Learning to relax is an art and regular practice can yield many benefits.

When testing out a relaxation technique for the first time keep in mind these four key elements; comfortable position, quiet environment, object of concentration, and passive attitude. Some good examples of relaxation techniques include, prayer,Lamaze, which helps the release of the bodys natural pain medicine and promotes muscle relaxtion. Medition by sitting, standing, moving, or lying down using concentration points or awareness and mindfulness. Guided relaxtion using nature and music tapes. And finally progressive muscle relaxation which focuses on relaxing muscle groups slowly from feet to head or head to feet. Using any of these techniques apply them once or twice a day for 10-0 minutes and see instant release of tension.

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