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Every one must go on his life road no matter how painstaking efforts it requires. Some people who care only reaching the destination were in so much a hurry and anxiety on their journey that they miss landscapes on the road, while the faraway destination is still nowhere to be seen. Some others were like the tourists. They walk patiently and casually with breaks and rest and enjoy various sights on the road either in wind or in rain, throwing away grievance and vexations.

The life road is ineluctable to walk for every one. And it is better not to neglect beautiful sceneries at fine moments on the way.

Working in a small place, living in a small room and communicating in a small social circle, some people become increasingly discontent with this monotonous life short of change while others feel at home anywhere they move to. One can only settle in one of the corners in such a big world. However, the sky surpasses the ocean in size, and our souls surmount the sky in volume, because we keep constant imagination and aspiration in our hearts.

Tea in big bowl slakes our thirst, but it is difficult to explain how and why.

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People go after one thing for long and finally succeed in obtaining it. But it turns out that a great deal of others have been lost, and they might be better than those gained.

Lives passed away feel as hard as rocks, while those seeming trifles bear permanent charms and grace.

On the road of life, some are rushing for fame and gain, while some others are traveling elegantly back to nature.

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